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Cargo PlastŪ Disposal & Recycling

So that you don't have to bother about the disposal!

Our company's products perform in terms of environmental friendliness and quality of the strictest European standards.

Crates, boxes and containers of CargoPlast® are thus exclusively manufactured from high quality food-grade HDPE and can be recycled completely.


Of waste to recycling

One of the particular strengths of nature is that it knows no waste. In a perpetual cycle all the natural elements change their material realism, but also always meet a new useful purpose in a new manifestation.

Only the humans in their constant quest for material progress have developed beyond this natural cycle. This is especially true for plastics, which by nature, can not be broken down into their components if they have lost their original usefulness. The result was what is now known as waste by the humans.

The resources of our planet are finite and only on the long term systems will successful which deal with these gentle.


The Nature shows us: recycle instead of waste!

The Cargo Plast? GmbH has set itself the goal, to do the technology required, the economically rational and the environmentally friendly at any time, so as to contribute to maintain a clean environment and conserve valuable resources.


If you have plastic boxes for recycling, please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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