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Industrial Container Hicube with closed sides

Industrial Container Hicube

Extra capacity due to clever design!

The complete answer to any problem in the scheduling and the rationalization of internal handling like the storing of semi-finished and finished products, components, spare parts, etc, or external transports. The pallet box consists of three versions and four heights, enabling the optimum use of space and the maximum adaptability to the available space resources.

Manufactured with advanced technology, it enables the storage of bulky products, thanks to the convex curved outward structure of the interior walls, which thus increase the volume. Thanks to the reinforced floor, it has a greater resistance in heavy point loads and allows the storage of more cargo.

The version with wider tailgate accelerates filling with products that enhances the functionality of manual as well as automated processing systems. Aligned and stacked on each other, these large volume container represent a valuable replacement of conventional shelves. As exhibition support, it is suitable as an aid in the sale of consumer goods in the wholesale distribution.

Especially when it gets really tough, the containers and boxes of Cargo Plast® are, thanks to their outstanding stability, in their element.


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