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Industrial Container with closed sides

Industrial Container

Reliable quality and robust design that pays off every day!

Unlimited usable industrial container, extra strong and durable, from internal processes to transport by road, rail and sea, it's also suitable for containing fluids - through its wide range of applications, the most widely used large containers in the industry.

This loading and storage large volume bins are suitable for wide range of industrial applications. Its dimensions allow to optimize the available space on trucks, containers and warehouses. As a result, this container comes to use as excellent service container at internal processes in the manufacturing departments.

Also ideally suited for liquids and resistant to almost all dilute and concentrated acids and alkali solutions. Non-toxic, suitable for food, this large volume container is particularly suitable for use in cold storage because of its low temperature resistance and its load capacity (unit mass t / per sqm).

The double walled structure of the corner and center pillars and the rib-reinforced soil execution guarantee high resistance pressure loads and security during transport and storage of bulk, packaged or liquid cargo.


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