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Hicube containers, extra strong containers, boxes and collapsible containers

Highly efficient containers, hicube containers, fruit boxes and collapsible containers for industry, logistics, food industry and agriculture

Time-and space-saving, reliable, injection molded of HDPE virgin Matereal, extra strong and user friendly. Through our years of experience, innovative custom builds are rapidly realisable. Also, the inexpensive repairing of plastic boxes and plastic parts is one of our services. We also find the most technically and economically perfect solution for your requirementsI

In short: Whatever you need - call us!


Fruit and Vegetable Grates

Perfect for small containers and small space!

The crates and little boxes are fitting your work space and needs. Especially the foldable crates save a lot of space, are lightweight, yet strong.

Agricultural Container

Clever systems by the inventor of the "Bodensee Box"

Easy handling and high load carrying capacity, stack safety and impact resistance.

Products by Cargo Plast are ideal for all the requirements of modern, mechanized agriculture.

In addition, modern plastic are well ahead the traditional wooden boxes: easy to clean, no mildew, no rotting and a much longer life. Compelling arguments that led Cargo Plast to developed the first handy plastic fruit crate "Bodensee box" in 2009. To date, the solutions of the company from the Lake Constance are a market success - and a hot tip for those who want to enter a rich harvest in the future!

Our range includes

apple/pears crates, cereal boxes, vegetable crates, wine bottles bins, bag-in-box, firewood crates, presentation boxes


Industrial Container

Reliable quality and robust design that pays off every day!

Unlimited usable industrial container, extra strong and durable, from internal processes to transport by road, rail and sea, it's also suitable for containing fluids - through its wide range of applications, the most widely used large containers in the industry.

This loading and storage large volume bins are suitable for wide range of industrial applications. Its dimensions allow to optimize the available space on trucks, containers and warehouses. As a result, this container comes to use as excellent service container at internal processes in the manufacturing departments.

Also ideally suited for liquids and resistant to almost all dilute and concentrated acids and alkali solutions. Non-toxic, suitable for food, this large volume container is particularly suitable for use in cold storage because of its low temperature resistance and its load capacity (unit mass t / per sqm).

The double walled structure of the corner and center pillars and the rib-reinforced soil execution guarantee high resistance pressure loads and security during transport and storage of bulk, packaged or liquid cargo.


Industrial Container Hicube

Extra capacity due to clever design!

The complete answer to any problem in the scheduling and the rationalization of internal handling like the storing of semi-finished and finished products, components, spare parts, etc, or external transports. The pallet box consists of three versions and four heights, enabling the optimum use of space and the maximum adaptability to the available space resources.

Manufactured with advanced technology, it enables the storage of bulky products, thanks to the convex curved outward structure of the interior walls, which thus increase the volume. Thanks to the reinforced floor, it has a greater resistance in heavy point loads and allows the storage of more cargo.

The version with wider tailgate accelerates filling with products that enhances the functionality of manual as well as automated processing systems. Aligned and stacked on each other, these large volume container represent a valuable replacement of conventional shelves. As exhibition support, it is suitable as an aid in the sale of consumer goods in the wholesale distribution.

Especially when it gets really tough, the containers and boxes of Cargo Plast® are, thanks to their outstanding stability, in their element.


Collapsible Smartbox

Optimized logistics and warehousing with our collapsible Smartbox

By folding the side walls, 54% to 66 % space saving, both in storage as well as during transport, a space gain of 1:2 or 1:3 is achievable, depending on the height of the folding Bigbox or large volume container.

Secure Stacking
Due to the specifically designed profile of feet and skids, a precise stacking in unfolded and folded state is guaranteed for maximum stability during handling and stacking.

Larger Capacity
5 % to 12 % more volume through very stable convex walls.


Big Box XXL

Make it big!

Because of production reasons, there are only a small selection of plastic boxes with a volume over 800 liters on the market.

With our special welding technology, we are able to manufacture extra large container. Two standard containers are welded together and can - perforated on request and waterproof - provide BigBox container with a volume of 1,110 liters and more!


Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Extended selling season by lasting freshness of fruits with Mat Tiempo / Mini CA Storage

  •     Extended life by slowing down the metabolism of the fruit
  •     Natural O2/CO2 - balance
  •     Simple and easily to understand
  •     Flexible for sale
  •     Storage and removal from storage in small volumes
  •     Filled stackable and transportable
  •     Minimal or no weight loss
  •     Preserves the freshness (crispness, turgidity)
  •     15 Years capability when properly applied
  •     Fast installation in 10 seconds
  •     small footprint
  •     multiple use per year possible therefore cost efficient
  •     ideal for self-marketer


Small industrial container


High-quality industrial containers in the small format for the food and non-food sector.

The sturdy containers are made of PP-C and are suitable for almost every application and can be used in many different applications. The basic dimensions of 400 x 300 mm and 600 x 400 mm, they are matched to the dimensions of Euro pallets. Depending on the requirements, we offer containers in different heights and in the variants open / closed. The containers are stackable and the handles on the sides allow for ergonomic handling.

The stackable containers, with their smooth surfaces, meet the hygienic standards of the food processing industry, but are also very suitable as storage and transport containers in industry.

Loadhog system / load securing


Load Hog system / load securing

Through these multi-way transport packages, we offer solutions for complete supply chains, which are more environmentally friendly and also significantly more efficient.


Hygienic, strong, light, easy to handle and economical

Used in various industries because solid nonetheless light and easy to handle. Suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Impervious to mold and moisture and for cold storage. Easy to clean and maintenance free.

Made of HD-PE. Durable even under heavy load. Non-toxic and therefore suitable for food. Insensitive to chemicals and weathering. Resistant to temperature fluctuations. Constant weights and measures.


Secondhand Container

Inexpensive and flexible in Quantity and Dimensions

In our warehouse are various dimensions of used boxes ready. Stay flexible by renting boxes, or buy them cheap second hand. No matter which option is better for you, our certified boxes are nearly stable as new.

Give us a call: 0049 (0) 7553 82 77 88-8

Rent A Box

React flexible and fast to meet the needs

The Cargo Plast® rental system offers you the possibility to react flexibly to your business needs. Various boxes and containers in several versions are available in our warehouse.

We find the right product for you and make you an offer.

Give us a call: 0049 (0) 7553 82 77 88-8

Container Accessory

Rollers, covers, runners, inserts and much more!

Everything accessorie you need for your boxes. Individual solutions such as your logo on your boxes, drain valves, caps and plugs.



Compartments, inlays, structured-core panels, foam inserts and much more ...

We offer you individual system solutions in the field of industrial plastic packaging and technical deep drawing parts.

We manufacture individually and solve every special request - also yours.

Regardless of whether foam inserts, KLT inserts, deep drawing or structural chamber plates. Products that go beyond the classical thermoforming process are also part of our concepts.